Meet the Sisters….

A passion for the bar industry for both girls started at young, but legal age Natasha working as a buyer in the fashion industry frequented bars on the weekend but also never refused a good weekday drink. Vanessa, a long time warrior in the bar industry has done everything from coat check, bar backing to serving and managing and could never find her way out.
By early 2015, Natasha, easing out fashion and Vanessa, still serving tables, the ideas started flowing, vintage hunting began, money being saved and minds racing, the girls had plans to open a place they can call their own. By October a place was secure, designs were coming together and IOU’s were being handed out to any and all friends willing to paint, reupholster, wallpaper, hang plates, clean fridges and scrub floors.
Natasha, will often be found in the kitchen making up a batch of her famous spinach and artichoke dip (‘Take a Dip’), late on Saturday nights you can also find her socializing with guests with a pint in hand. Vanessa, will always be found in one place, behind the bar, pouring pints and shaking cocktails. She’s not so innocent either, here’s a hint; she doesn’t drink coffee or tea but is often drinking out of a mug.
P.S. you better not ask who’s older… you may not get served at the bar!

Natasha & Vanessa

A bar owned by sisters with a dollar and a dream.